Environmental Monitoring

Corrosion-resistant and heat-sampling composite pipe is an important component in the environmental monitoring system. It consists of a set of corrosion-resistant high-performance resin pipes supplemented with self-limiting temperature heating cable (constant power heating cable) and compensation cable to form the inner core, plus heat preservation. The layer is finally laminated with a flame-retardant polyethylene (PE) protective jacket. The automatic temperature limiting function of the self-limiting temperature heating cable can ensure a certain temperature in the sampling tube, so as to ensure that the collected samples are consistent with the initial values as much as possible, and finally ensure that the


Environmental monitoring system continuously and correctly collects the sample gas.According to the actual conditions of the sample sample and temperature, the sampling tube in the anti-corrosion and heat-sampling composite tube can be made of different materials, such as PFA (tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkyl ether copolymer), FEP (tetrafluoroethylene and Hexafluoropropylene copolymer), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), PE(flame retardant polyethylene), nylon 610, etc., the heating cable can be selected from medium, low and high temperature heating cables, and can also be compensated according to user requirements. Wires, power cords, etc. This product was listed as a national key new product promotion plan in 2002. In 2001, it applied for national patents. The company is currently the only professional manufacturer of such sampling tubes in China, with a service life of more than 15 years.
The corrosion-resistant and heat-sampling composite pipe is a composite body composed of a plurality of devices, and a plurality of systems are combined on a limited section.


Electric Heat Tracing Tank
Pipe Heat Tracing Technology

Tark pipes are generaly used to transport or store ig id mecia They are frozen easly in winter. The electric heat trading cable integrated tank pipe feeze prdecion technaboy has a good ffect and is ahway widely used lor the feee protection and themal ins lation alindustrial pese Electic heat tracing pipe insulabion can ensure the meda in tonks are mebed in a shart period and tarsported ouf through tank pipes. Elecric heat tacing cabes on the tank Burface are fixed wi heat tracing acessorie. They ouput heet when energzed to actieve the purpose of freeze protection and thermal insulstfon. Generally. the eectric heat tracing cable is chosen from el-id trrperalure eecthic heal tracing cades or constart power elecric heat tracing cables, depending on the spot emirormemt and ermperature requrements.


VOCs Monitoring System

The VOCs detector uses photoionization detection ( PID ) and hydrogen flame ionization detection ( FID ) technology. It’s accurate sensitivity can protect against chronic toxicity of VOCs, and it can be used to detect multiple and low content of VOCs contact gases. It can not only be integrated into portable complex detector, but also be used in fixed environmental protection detection system.

The VOCs environment sampling and preprocessing monitoring system consists of VOCs on-line monitor, sampling pump, high efficiency oil filter, high efficiency water filter and so on. The sampling system mainly analyzes the sample gas collected by the probe. The high power high velocity pump draws the sample gas into the system, then preprocesses the dust and water removal, then the gas enters the gas sensor chamber for concentration detection, and finally the exhaust gas is discharged. It is mainly used in on-line monitoring of urban ambient air, emission of chemical industry park or plant boundary volatile organic compounds, on-line monitoring of specific pollutants and so on.


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