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The thermostat generally consists of two parts: temperature detection and temperature control. Most of the thermostats also have alarm and protection functions.
Thermostat , according to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformation inside the switch, resulting in some special effects, a series of automatic control components to turn on or off, or electronic components at different temperatures, Different principles of operating conditions provide temperature data to the circuit for the circuit to collect temperature data. The measured temperature is automatically sampled and monitored by the temperature sensor. When the acquisition temperature is higher than the control set value, the control circuit is started, and the control hysteresis can be set. If the temperature is still rising, when the temperature rises to the set over-limit alarm temperature point, the over-limit alarm function is activated. When the controlled temperature cannot be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the destruction of the device, the function of the trip can be used to stop the device from continuing to operate. It is mainly used in various power distribution cabinets used in various industries, as well as other related temperature use fields such as household refrigerators and air conditioners.

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