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Silica gel heating sheet is a flexible and flexible electric heating device. It distributes the filamentous metal heat evenly in the glass fiber cloth with high temperature resistance silicone rubber, and is molded at high temperature. Its body is thin, usually 0.8-1.5 mm thick, light and half 1.3-1.9 kg / square. It has the characteristics of large heating surface, uniform heating, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant, convenient installation, long life and high insulation strength. One of the many electrothermal devices. Silica gel electrothermal sheets can replace ordinary metal heaters. Due to the fact that the silica gel heating sheet is basically not limited by size, it can be as large as a few square meters. Meters, up to a few square centimeters, and can be designed according to the conditions to use the voltage of various shapes of heat, making it more and more used in various fields. And its surface heater can be designed according to customer requirements into various shapes.

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