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Air Conditioning PTC Heater

Air Conditioning PTC Heater

Product Introduction


The air conditioner PTC heater (piece) uses the fin type air heater. It is used as the heating body of the PTC components and the aluminum sheet as the radiator. It is often used in the high grade heating equipment and the cold and warm air conditioning. The utility model has the advantages of no odor, long service life, no obvious power attenuation phenomenon, cleanliness and cleanliness, and high thermal efficiency.The PTC heater is very simple to use. After switching on the circuit, the cold air passes through the heater into a warm air. When customizing products, users should take into account the problems of air duct, power, voltage, size and placement. PTC electric heater specifications and power and other conditions can be designed according to the requirements of users the production.


Main features of PTC heater in air conditioning


①The energy saving effect is remarkable: PTC products can adjust their own thermal power output according to the change of environmental temperature, and the heating efficiency is as high as 95%, basically no loss. When the ambient temperature rises or the air volume drops, the power decreases automatically, thus saving energy.


②Safe and reliable: under any condition of use, the heater will not appear surface redness, open fire and so on. There is no scalding and fire safety hazards. High security.


③Long service life: PTC heater can work continuously for about 1000 hours, power attenuation <10%, no obvious decrease in output power.


④Automatic constant temperature: fast heating, fan failure, automatic control temperature.


⑤The voltage range is wide: for example, the rated voltage is 380V, but the actual working voltage will not affect the heating effect of our products when the 300- 400V changes. Between 12V- 660V can be designed according to customer needs, and PTC heating products have over current and over temperature protection.

Types of  air conditioner PTC heating elements


Air conditioning PTC heater (piece)


Heating element: PTC (self-limiting temperature inorganic polymer material); thickness: 2.0∽4.0mm
Insulation: PI (polyimide film); thickness: 0.18 ∽ 0.45 mm
Aluminum plate: single side / double side; thickness: 1.0 ∽ 4.0mm
Maximum operating temperature: 250 ° C (long-term 200 ° C or less)
Minimum temperature resistance: -50 ° C
Voltage range: 12∽600V (AC/DC)
Withstand voltage range: ≥1500VAC/min
Maximum power density: 8.0W/cm2

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