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Self-limiting temperature heating floor  system

The self-limiting temperature heating floor heating system is a ground heating system developed by PTC technology and multi-layer solid wood composite floor technology, combined with the high-end customized customer demand in the domestic electric heating market. The system is output with 24V, 36V DC voltage, floor heating and floor keel once. Installed, truly achieved safety, energy saving, and customization.


Technical Parameters

Product Name: Self-limiting temperature heating floor

Specifications Model: SMW Series
Process: mixing and drawing, textile heating cloth process, national standard multi-layer composite floor production line production process
Note: laying area ≥ 5 pieces / m2
         Single-channel cable laying length <7m (according to the design scheme)
      Standard power configuration, nominal power 120W/ m2


Product Name: Thermostat

Specifications Model: E Series (E92)
Process: Mirror flat touch
Note: The installation location is not due to proximity to cold, heat or obstructions.
     Single thermostat (relay) control (according to the design)


Product Name: Transformer

Specifications Model: SMW Series
Process: external type (DC electronic transformer)
Note: Transformer selection power > Control area total load power
     Should be installed on the balcony of the equipment or at the ceiling with manholes



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