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Self-Regulating temperature electric heating floor

The self-limiting temperature electric heating floor heating system is a floor heating system based on the research and development of PTC heating materials reference and the domestic electric heating market demand. It can be connected to 24V, 36V, 220V voltage according to requirements, and can be constructed according to different construction specifications of dry area and wet area. Pavement is the safest and most stable electric floor heating system recognized by the domestic floor heating industry.


Technical Parameters

Product Name: Self-regulating temperature heating film
Specifications Model: ZDR Series
Process: multi-strand copper wire embedded extrusion electrode process, pitch punching, transparent PE insulation coating, external shielding layer
Note: dry paving (floor area) laying area ≥ 3m / m2
           Single heating sheet laying length <30m (according to the design scheme)
           Standard power configuration, nominal power 120W/ m2


Product Name: Thermostat
Specifications Model: E Series (E92/E93)
Process: Mirror surface touch + electronic 3-way 16A relay
Note: The installation location is not due to proximity to cold, heat or obstructions.
           Single thermostat (relay) control (according to the design)


Product Name: Transformer
Specifications Model: SMW Series
Process: external type (DC electronic transformer)
Note: Transformer selection power > Control area total load power
           Should be installed on the balcony of the equipment or at the ceiling with manholes



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