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Electric heating is an energy-saving way of heating. The heating element, such as heating cables, is a kind of energy saving terminal with better effect. At the same time, electric energy is renewable energy, which can be generated by solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy and other energy. Usually during the day is the peak of electricity, and most households are mainly used for heating at night, which can use a control device to balance the peak and valley, to achieve more energy-saving effect. Second, electric energy is a kind of clean energy, the use of electric energy can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and other gases in the air. Nowadays, the national energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection policies, all strongly advocate electric heating.The heat source starts from the sole of the foot, conforms to the human physiology principle, promotes the normal metabolism, and the heating method is natural and soft.Low-temperature radiant floor heating is through buried under the floor heating elements, the floor heating to the surface temperature of 18 to 32 degrees Celsius, uniform indoor radiation of heat to achieve heating effect.

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