• Application field of self-controlled temperature heating cable


    Winter anti-freeze cracking of industrial civil water pipes, heat preservation and heat tracing of liquid transportation pipelines of industrial and mining enterprises, heat preservation and heating of enterprise steam transmission pipelines, compressed air of...

  • The heating principle of electric heating film


    The principle of electric heating film heating is that under the action of electric field, the carbon clusters in the heating body produce "Brown motion", and the friction and impact between the carbon molecules occur, and the generated thermal energy is trans...

  • Electric film


    The electric heating Mat is divided into a high temperature and a low temperature electric heating film. High-temperature electric heating film is generally used in electronic appliances, military, etc., and electric heating film produced by technology today. ...

  • Self-regulating electric heating tropical use characteristics


    1. The electric heating belt is automatically regulated by the heat tracing system, so it will not be burnt due to its own heat, but it will be compensated for by the actual heat required; 2. Quick start at low temperature, uniform temperature, because each pa...

  • ADIPEC Exhibition 2018 ,Abu Dhabi, UAE


    Abu Dhabi International Oil Exhibition 2018 The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exposition ( ADIPEC ), which was first held in 1984, has now developed into a professional exhibition with a large scale and influence in the Middle East and a ranking of oil and...