• Electric heating tube


    The electric heating tube is a tubular electric heating element which is composed of a metal tube spiral resistance wire and crystalline magnesium oxide powder. Electric heating pipe products are generally made of high-quality imported stainless steel pipe, im...

  • System structure for heating floors


    Heating carrier The heat medium for heating floor is mainly composed of carbon fiber, which is divided into heating wire, conductive ink, short fiber carbon fiber core material, and nano carbon molecular group special wood board. According to the different app...

  • Technical principle of heating floor


    Carbon fiber low temperature radiation heating principle The carbon fiber molecular group acts as a "Blang motion" under the action of an electric field. The molecular groups collide and oscillate with each other, thereby generating a large amount of thermal e...

  • Heating floor


    Heating floor, English is the heating floor, also known as heating floor, is the wooden floor as the carrier, the ground as the radiator, through the built-in heat medium, using the electric energy for independent heating, evenly heating the floor and far infr...

  • The advantages of a heated floor.


    (1) The heating floor is to integrate the heating device into the floor, and the floor heating equipment and the geothermal floor are combined to reduce the cost of paving. At present, the heating floor has included solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, three-la...