• Use and maintenance of heating floor


    Program setting The biggest advantage of heating floor is that it is ready to use, people stop and stop, energy loss is low, and its switch is controlled by thermostat. The common temperature control in the market generally adopts 5+2 or more sets of program m...

  • Heating floor features


    Rapid heating After the heating floor is started, the floor temperature can be raised in 5-15 minutes, and the indoor temperature can be increased in an average of 30 minutes. Relatively long heating time for plumbing, easy to use. Household heating The heatin...

  • Welcome the Turkish EPC Group


    Welcome the Turkish EPC Group to come to our company for audit and business negotiation. I wish the cooperation between the two parties smooth, mutual benefit and win-win

  • Classification of electric heating elements


    1 According to its structure, it is divided into two categories: single electric heating element and composite electric heating element: single electric heating element is composed of one material; composite electric heating element is composed of several mate...

  • Electric heating tube features


    1. Most of the hot air circulates in the tank, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy. 2. Using forced ventilation, the box is equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate, and the material is evenly dried. The heat source can be selected fro...