• Main features of electric heating film


    As a form of house heating, electric heating is widely used in various provinces, cities, counties and villages in China. As a revolution in the field of heating, electric heating has several main aspects: 1. Use electricity as energy, no pollution, use enviro...

  • Electrothermal film classification


    Electric heating film can be divided into the following three categories according to the development stage and application mode: (1) Electric heating shed film: the first generation of electric heating film, laid on the roof; (2) Electrothermal wall film: the...

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber electric blankets?


    Advantage The carbon fiber electric blanket transmits heat energy through radiation, and can directly interact with the human body independently of the air medium. The main components of air, oxygen and carbon dioxide, absorb almost no energy in the infrared r...

  • Application field of self-controlled temperature heating cable


    Winter anti-freeze cracking of industrial civil water pipes, heat preservation and heat tracing of liquid transportation pipelines of industrial and mining enterprises, heat preservation and heating of enterprise steam transmission pipelines, compressed air of...

  • The heating principle of electric heating film


    The principle of electric heating film heating is that under the action of electric field, the carbon clusters in the heating body produce "Brown motion", and the friction and impact between the carbon molecules occur, and the generated thermal energy is trans...