• Heating floor


    As the name suggests, a hot floor is a floor that can generate heat and provide heat to the floor. More than a decade ago, scientists from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries invariably used thermal energy efficient technology as a research t...

  • The role of the heating cable


    Heating cable heating is called the most ideal heating method in winter, not only because of its economy, safety, convenience, and high quality, but because it regards people as the main body of life, highlighting the three modernities of comfort, health and e...

  • How does the heating cable work?


    The inner core of the heating cable is composed of a cold wire hot wire, and the outer layer is composed of an insulating layer, a grounding layer, a shielding layer and an outer sheath. After the heating cable is energized, the hot wire generates heat and ope...

  • MI heating cable product features


    Because the structure of the MI heating cable is inorganic, it has a long service life, is not easy to age, has high compressive strength, and because its outer sheath is a metal sheath, it determines that it will not age for a long time and can run for a long...

  • MI heating cable


    MI heating cable (heating cable | insulated cable | mineral insulated cable | armored MI heating cable) is a single or multiple alloy electric heating wire as a heat source, high purity, high temperature, fused crystalline magnesium oxide as a thermal insulato...