The International Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018


The International Automotive Thermal Management Confere […]

The International Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018

                                    ----Daming's new materials and PTC's new materials open up a new level of thermal management technology for new energy vehicles


The new energy era of automobiles has been booming. How to seize the opportunity to win under the changing circumstances?
The 2018 International Automobile Thermal Management Industry Conference was held in Suzhou from March 19 to 20. Zhejiang Daming New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference, showcasing its own products and new technologies related to automobile thermal management and conducting in-depth technical exchanges with industry experts at home and abroad.


Listen to pan leyan, senior manager of technology department of SAIC group, about heat pump technology development and sharing


Chen renguo, deputy general manager of Daming new material production, introduced the products to BYD's head of air conditioning system


Lin Hongye, deputy marketing manager of Daming New Materials, and Joachim, product manager of WE Basto, conducted technical exchanges on Daming PTC temperature control films


SAIC Group Pan Leyan to visit our booth


Make a product introduction with Modine R & D engineer Thomas


Product presentation with Matthias, head of Air conditioning and Power in DBK China


At the dinner party of the conference, I exchanged views with Ricardo's chief engineer Cedric on the development of the new energy industry at home and abroad.