Love Donation Activities


Respect for the elderly filial piety is the traditional […]

Respect for the elderly filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

On the eve of Double Ninth Festival, members of our company and Red Cross volunteers visited the village five-guarantee service center in Dongqiao Town to express condolences to the elderly and send holiday greetings to them on behalf of the town party committee government and the town Red Cross Society. Yu Linfang, secretary of the town party committee, Wang Chunrong, vice chairman of the town people’s congress, and Yang Lihong, deputy mayor of the town party committee, and members of the company walked into the five-guarantee service center to have a cordial conversation with the old people. To the elderly personally sent to the government under the Double Ninth Festival condolences money and company love donated quilts and blankets. They really started a spiritual communication with the elderly, understood their demands, and sent them "care".


Filial piety tops all virtues. On this day, the love items sent by the company members to the old people also added a festival warmth to Dongqiao Town. Let Dongqiao Town's Double Ninth Festival this year be more full of affection and warmth.