Return to work and production


      Under the premise of ensuring the safety and heal […]

      Under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees, our company returned to work on February 17 after passing the relevant inspection of government departments. Up to now, the company has no suspected or confirmed cases, and all employees have been on duty.

      Every day, employees need to wear masks at work. They can only enter the factory after normal temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection. The company provides masks for each employee the next day free of charge to ensure the health and safety of employees during the epidemic. At the same time, employees need to fill in the health information card every day, so that the company can dynamically grasp the health information of employees, so as to ensure the safety of all employees.

      We should fight against the epidemic and return to work, contributing to the overall prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. All staff shall strictly comply with the company's requirements and matters related to epidemic prevention and control, schedule production in strict accordance with the production plan on the premise of ensuring health and safety, and ensure the normal operation of production tasks. The epidemic situation is merciless and human beings have feelings. Through the joint efforts of all employees and the company, the future is foreseeable.

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