Advantages of heating floors


Efficient heating The electric floor conversion rate of […]

Efficient heating
The electric floor conversion rate of the heating floor is over 96%, which is more efficient than other heating methods.

Heating energy saving
After the heating floor is energized, the ground temperature can reach 35-41 degrees Celsius very quickly, the power consumption is low, it is more energy-efficient than other heating methods, it is closed when going out, open when entering the door, and enjoy low-carbon warm life immediately.

Heating safety
It has excellent pressure resistance, water resistance, insulation and stability. Even in extreme environments such as water, high voltage, and bending and cracking, there is no safety accident.

Heating and environmentally friendly design
In line with national environmental safety standards, without any noise, enjoy a green and environmentally friendly life

Long life
Nano-carbon crystal molecular heating layer, the service life of more than 50 years, with the old, warm and long companion