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Electric Heating

Electric heating is an energy-saving way of heating. The heating element, such as heating cables, is a kind of energy saving terminal with better effect. At the same time, electric energy is renewable energy, which can be generated by solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy and other energy. Usually during the day is the peak of electricity, and most households are mainly used for heating at night, which can use a control device to balance the peak and valley, to achieve more energy-saving effect. Second, electric energy is a kind of clean energy, the use of electric energy can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and other gases in the air. Nowadays, the national energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection policies, all strongly advocate electric heating.The heat source starts from the sole of the foot, conforms to the human physiology principle, promotes the normal metabolism, and the heating method is natural and soft.Low-temperature radiant floor heating is through buried under the floor heating elements, the floor heating to the surface temperature of 18 to 32 degrees Celsius, uniform indoor radiation of heat to achieve heating effect.

The ground radiant heating system is different from traditional ground radiators and air conditioners in the way of air convection heating. It is a kind of heating system that uses low temperature heat sources and heats the ground through a heating body buried under or inside the decorative floor of the ground. Colleagues emit far infrared light at wavelengths of 5μm to 15μm, one of which has a special effect on human health and is known as the "lifeline" wavelength range. It can be quickly absorbed by the human body, promote blood circulation and metabolism, activate tissue cells, enhance immunity. The low temperature surface radiation heating generally adopts the large area low temperature heating, the indoor temperature is uniform, does not have the traditional convection heating Create a dry, sultry sensation.

The heating pad is a heating blanket element that welds or pastes the heating wire between two sheets of PVC, non-woven fabric, felt, or PU. The product has a thickness of only 3 to 5 mm, an area of 10 to 4.0 ㎡, a working power of 0.5 to several hundred watts, and a maximum working temperature of 70 ℃. It has the unique advantages of light weight, simple design and installation, safe and sanitary use, uniform surface heat transfer, long service life, low price, and can be designed freely and conveniently according to the shape of the surface to be heated. It is an ideal heating element for designing various low-temperature surface heating applications and is widely used in the fields of indoor, car seat cushion, health care, food heating, cultivation and heat preservation, etc.


Snow and Ice Melt

Self-limiting temperature heating cable floor heating system is based on the research and development of PTC heating materials reference field and the domestic electric heating market demand development of the floor heating system, access to 110V, 220V voltage, can be paved according to different construction specifications of dry and wet areas, It is the safest and most stable electric floor heating system recognized by the domestic floor heating industry.

HGC Series connection constant wattage heating cable use the core conductor as the heating element,when the core conductor connect to power supply,the core conductor will send out joule heat,because unit length constant power heating cableˊs current and resistance is equal to all length heating cable,so the heating value of each unit is equally.not result in the power of terminal end is lower than beginning end with the increasing length of heating cable.So this type is suitable for long pipeline and large diameter pipelineˊs heat tracing and heat preservation.Power supply by one power point.


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